Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Random stuff...

Hope everyone is having a great July! This week has finally started to feel like summer here in Chicago. So I have about two and a half months of tank tops and summery dresses before I'll need to start layering more. One thing I've realized about living here is that each season is a welcome change from the previous one... because winter can be so cold and snowy, spring flowers are extra colorful; and because summer can be so hot and humid, the crisp autumn air will feel refreshing. But not for a few more months... I've only started enjoying the summer...

I just read that Crumbs cupcake shop is closing all of its locations because of a dramatic decline in sales. This makes me sad, because we have a Crumbs just a few blocks from here that I've been dying to try ever since we moved here. I mean, this place made giant cupcakes... GIANT CUPCAKES!
How can people not be buying these things?? (Never mind the fact that I haven't bought one myself... I don't want to think about the fact that I may have single-handedly contributed to the demise of Crumbs.)

So the weirdest thing happened a few weeks ago. Rick and I stumbled upon the last few minutes of one of the World Cup games when the U.S. was still playing. And the crazy thing is, we actually started getting into it. When the U.S. scored a goal, we were yelling and high fiving like it was the best thing ever. I think we came to the conclusion that because so much NOTHING happens in a soccer game, when someone actually DOES score a goal, it's super exciting. Now I understand why those soccer announcers get so vocal -- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!! Anyway, now that the U.S. is out of it, Germany is my team... Deutschland ├╝ber alles!

They've been refurbishing all the elevators in our building the last couple months, focusing on one at a time so only one is out of commission while they work on it. One of the elevators in our building is just down the hall from our front door, and they've been working on it for the last few weeks. We're only on the third floor, so we usually just take the stairs anyway -- so it hasn't been a big inconvenience. About the only time we use the elevator is when we take recycling down to the basement, since we're usually hauling flattened boxes and lots of empty bottles, and the recycling bins are in the basement just outside the elevator. (Needless to say, since the elevator has been out of order, we have a lot of recycling piled up in the house... :)) But here's the weird thing: the entire time they've been working on the elevator just outside in the hallway, they've been HERE on the third floor. It hasn't been bothersome, really -- there have only been a couple days when the work was particularly noisy -- but I find it so strange. Why wouldn't they take the elevator down to the basement and work on it there? Or, if they wanted to work on a particular floor, why the THIRD floor? Why not the second? Or the ninth? Is there something special about the third floor? I've found this third floor elevator refurbishment so peculiar...

That's about all the nonsense I have today -- I have another recipe to share with you guys soon, so I'll try to get that up sometime this week! :)


  1. In regards to Crumbs, the main reason is price. Call me a snob, but if I was able to eat cupcakes, I certainly wouldn't pay upwards towards $20 for a dozen cupcakes.

    Father Nature's Corner

  2. You may be right about that -- I checked their website, and actually a HALF dozen cupcakes is $27! But maybe they're like the best cupcakes in the world... now that they're closing, I guess I'll never know... :)

  3. Helloooooooo... This thing on?!